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Terms and Conditions

Booking and Cancellation Policies: In order to guarantee your booking we take your room out of our reservation system. To protect both parties we require a deposit of the first night\\\\\\\'s accommodation or 50% of the booking if your stay is longer than one night. Should you need to cancel your booking we will make every endeavour to re-sell your room. Therefore should your plans change please let us know as soon as you possible. A cancellation is defined as a reduction to the number in the party if it affects room rates or number of rooms booked a reduction of a portion of the package and/or the termination of the entire booking. Changing the date of departure is also classified as a cancellation. If your plans do change your right to a refund is as follows: No refund provided inside the 30 days prior to arrival. If the room is on-sold then a refund less a 20% administrative charge may be issued. No shows will automatically be charged back at the first night\\\\\\\'s accommodation rate and automatically cancelled from our system. Cancellations prior to the 30 days arrival may incur a 20% administrative fee depending on the season and demand for accommodation.