Hours: 9am to 8pm


Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka takes guests on guided garden tours to different outstanding local private gardens.

Our passionate and knowledgeable guide relays the stories told by the gardeners, shares plants and gardening information and prompts multi-sensory experience of smells, textures and visual delights.

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Each tour includes transportation in our eco-friendly van from a pick up at the Wanaka iSite (or at a pre-arranged free carpark in Wanaka) and between all gardens visited .

Informative and fun, our tours are a unique attraction suitable for an average fitness level. This activity is a fabulous experience for garden lovers and a memorable thing to do for all, locals, visitors and tourists in Wanaka.

All our tours visit private properties and we sometimes meet the gardener too! Keep your eyes open for surprise gifts from the gardeners or surplus plants on sale.

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Terms and Conditions

BOOKINGS Bookings can be done online on this secure platform or by phone to 02102792481 up to the preceding day 8pm for morning tours and up to 12pm on the day for afternoon tours. TO BOOK: Select a date: choose from tours running that day showing a blue Book button. For a specific tour, check the "Next Availabilty" date. We have different tours running daily. Call us or arrange with us directly on 02102792481 or COVID PROTECTION: We are now fully operating at the government mandated Orange traffic light setting. NO VACCINE PASS REQUIRED. Operating with very small numbers (max 7 participants) our guided garden tours are fairly safe from illness transmission. Our Covid-19 protection measures: - The van is cleaned and disinfected before each tour - Both staff and guests must wear a mask inside the van windows kept open for good airflow - When visiting gardens we stay 2-metres away from each other and from the gardeners - Hand-sanitiser* is available to use between each garden. These measures will be reminded by the guide and a poster is displayed in the van. Contact us to discuss a private tour. *An accessories basket is available to our guests containing: hand-sanitiser - single-use masks - suncream. FOR ANY INQUIRY PROBLEM OR COMPLAINT PLEASE CONTACT THE OWNER OPERATOR FLORENCE MICOUD BY PHONE 02102792481 OR EMAIL We endeavour to respond to the best of our abilities. CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS CANCELLING YOUR BOOKING If you decide to cancel your booking with us then please provide us with a written notice of cancellation by email to The email date and time will be taken into account to calculate refunds as follows: • Cancellations received by us 10 days or more prior to booked tour: you will receive a full refund that you have paid upon booking minus the credit card payment fee ($3) if you have paid by credit card. • Cancellations received by us 3-9 days prior to booked tour: this will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour price that you have paid upon booking. You will therefore receive 50% of the sum that you have paid upon booking minus the credit card payment fee ($3) if you have paid by credit card. • Cancellations received by us less than 3 days before the departure of the tour booked there will be no refund. However at any time before the tour starts if one or more of the registered guests is prevented from participating in the trip this/these guest(s) can be replaced at the request of the said guest by another person or by other persons. GIFT VOUCHERS EXCEPTIONS Gift vouchers are redeemed on Vouchers may be used for any garden tour. Once a garden tour available is chosen then enter the voucher number at the checkout. This will adjust the amount due but no money will be refunded. Voucher must be used during the 2022-2023 season. All vouchers issued before the 30th April 2023 and not used will become void on that day. Vouchers are not refundable. However vouchers are transferrable. They are not nominative and can be used by another person. COVID-19 EXCEPTIONS As per governmental instructions if you feel sick you should stay home. We will refund your full payment up to 10 days after the booked tour on presentation of a medical certificate stating that you have been sick and tested for COVID-19. IF WE NEED TO CANCEL A GARDEN TOUR Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka reserves the right to cancel one of its tours at its discretion as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation by us may also occur in case of natural disaster or other circumstances amounting to force majeure to arise in the region to which the tour was due to go. It is very unlikely that this will ever occur. We will endeavour to refund monies already paid by participants according to circumstances prevailing at the time of cancellation. However the traveller will not be entitled to any compensation. LIMITS OF OUR LIABILITY As principle we accept responsibility for all ingredients of a tour except those in which the principle of force majeure prevails. Please visit our website for more information. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN OUR GUIDED GARDEN TOURS.