Deepen your connection to Aotearoa - New Zealand with Māori Merv and the Harding whānau. Whether you spend 2 or 5 hours with us makes no difference. You will feel the connection and gain a much better understanding of our Māori world view. If you have lived in Aotearoa your entire life, you will find this experience will open your eyes to what has always been around you. Very personal, flexible and perfect for families of all ages.

Kia ora! Hello! We are the Harding family. Come join us for an amazing and unforgettable Maori Cultural Experience and Tour. We make it very easy for you. Choose either a 2hr experience which takes you on a journey around our cities culturally significant sights or the 5hr experience which starts with a full welcoming ceremony into our family home. Embrace the warmth of true Maori culture through our family. You will immediately feel welcomed and at ease with your hosts as you experience our culture, land, nature, amazing stories and so much more on these unforgettable experiences. Sure to create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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